SCENARIO : Middle school Physical education (Gr.6 and 8) Volleyball unit t

teacher: Jeffrey Kirk Long

classroom size: 35 students

  1. Student 1: Not physically coordinated- process- students will start learning basic footwork and movements and skills without actually hitting the ball. ex. three steps before you spike, moving your feet to get into a position to receive the ball or bump the ball.
  2. Student 2: Interpersonal student (works best alone)- product- assign a reflection paper or evaluate a skill or their peer or classmate to show level of understanding towards the sport (volleyball).
  3. Student 3 : Student is highly athletic and into sports-learning environment- despite the different characteristics of students, the class should allow a fun yet challenging atmosphere by setting up the court with everything volleyball needs to reach each students maximum potential. (net, lines, cones, scoreboard etc)
  4. Student 4: Student does not speak English- content- teacher should demonstrate while speaking instead of purely speaking in english when giving instruction on subject matter about volleyball.