1. Some schools have organized "lunch bunches" , where a school therapist or a special-education teacher will gather together a group of kids who may be sitting by themselves at opposite ends of the cafeteria. Sometimes the teacher will ask typical kids to join them at the table for a week and guide conversation among the kids. Sometimes she’ll simply create a safe place, a sanctuary lunch table, for the autistic kids to sit. These “lunch bunches” are organized differently at different schools, but the daily presence and guidance by a trained adult is an essential component. I think that a program like this would be very useful in Harry's situation.
  2. The school could have the teachers make a bullying punishment guide, since there is no one specific type of bullying. Each offense would have a specific punishment. This could help the determent of bullying if the teachers are authorized to dish out punishment.
  3. Teachers should conduct classroom activities around bullying, helping their classes identify bullying in books, TV shows and movies, and discussing the impact of that bullying and how it can be resolved. Holding class meetings in which students can talk about bullying and peer relations can help Lucy out of her isolation and bring her back into the fold.