Student is a male 6th grader who is new to the schools. Academic records from the previous school are sparse but indicate that the student was reasonably successful at the previous school. However, on the fall benchmark standardized assessment, the student performed at a low average level in reading. In addition, when given a benchmark diagnostic assessment in Social Studies class, the student performed below grade level and failed to recognize content and concepts from the fourth and fifth grade curriculum. Student failed to recognize basic geographic terms, could not differentiate between a continent, a country, and a city, could not identify the branches of the federal government, and could not identify states and capitals. Teacher addressed the concerns with the student’s parents and was informed that Social Studies was not a part of the curriculum in the previous school, and the student was entering 6th grade with little to know prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Screening: Student was identified as at risk for a poor learning outcome based on his performance on the Benchmark standardized test given at the beginning of the year and his performance on a subject specific diagnostic test designed to assess grade level knowledge of the subject matter.

Multi-Level Prevention: Student will be kept in class but paired with a learning partner performing at a High-Average level. Learning partner will assist with teaching content and concepts. As a result of the student’s performance on the benchmark standardized test, student will receive additional pull out instruction for reading. As part of plan developed with parents, student will receive additional afterschool tutoring in social studies for one hour per week. IN addition, student will received differentiated activities in class designed to close grade level gap.

Progress Monitoring: Progress in Social Studies will be monitored primarily by evaluating student’s performance on summative assessments and homework. In addition student will be given diagnostic exam at the end of quarter to evaluate progress. Reading progress will be measured by evaluating progress on midyear standardized test.