Student Case Study: Female student whose previous academic records indicate average to below average performance in social studies and history. Academic achievement was sufficient to advance to 10th grade social studies, but only by a slim margin. Beginning of year universal assessment showed student may have difficulties identifying bias and prejudice in historical interpretations, along with evaluating major debates among historians concerning alternative interpretations of the past, including an analysis of authors’ use of evidence. Student seems to have difficulty recalling which evidence is presented by an author, leading to misidentified points of view.

RTI Plan Tier One: Student will be monitored in class by use of weekly assessments designed to improve students ability to organize and retain information given in a source (possibly a simple true/false or matching evaluation of a passage).If improvement is not seen in 10 weeks  the student will be moved to tier two and receive more personalized assistance. The decision to move to a higher tier of intervention will be based on information gathered from the weekly assessments


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Paul Moon