Middle School Bullying Case Studies.

I teach middle school at a Catholic School in Washington, DC and we had multiple cases of bullying last year. In the first case a new eighth grade girl was bullied by another eighth grade girl. IN this case I was unaware of the situation until I was informed by the administration. At that point the situation had become serious enough that the victim had missed several days of school as a result. I was told that the bully was consistently making harassing comments and had gone as far as pouring food in the victim’s hair. I was told by the school administration to monitor the situation and to keep the two girl separated as much as possible. Unfortunately the interventions were not sufficient and the victim left the school because of the treatment.

The second incident involved a sixth grade girl who was subject to harassment from multiple classmates. In this case it reached the point where the victim threatened self-harm. While I was more aware of the situation and was able to intervene to try and stop the behavior of the other students on some occasions, I was again not aware of the extent of the bullying.