My Personal Goals

1)  By the end of the first quarter I will learn and master providing guided reading lessons to second grade students of varies reading levels. 

2)  Within the first two months of the school year, I will teach my students to perform the Daily 5 independently.

3)  Throughout this first year of teaching at Yangon International School, I will continue to work on being more professional when communicating with administration and colleagues. 

At this time the activities I wish to engage in are all within my current school. I am acting as the Facilitator for my personal learning community at YIS which has taken up a lot of my extra time professionally. I also am active in coaching primary sports and starting a club for lower elementary school students. With all of these activities and Teach Now, I am feeling very overloaded and not currently looking to get involved in other activities digitally. Although I'm not currently looking to be more active in a PLN, I will be looking to attend the ERCOS Conference in Malaysia this year or a similar conference within Asia or the Middle East as additional PD.

The tools and resources I am currently using to achieve my goals are my Student Teaching Mentor, Mrs. Deanna who is also my Principle and my Professionalism Mentor Dr. Brook. Both of these wonderful and intelligent women are located at my school and they both make time to meet and provide me with resources and lessons when I need them, or when they find things they feel will help me. Another resource I have been using to improve my teaching and reach my goals has been YouTube. YouTube has amazing education videos that allows me to see what other professionals do with guided lessons so that I can emulate their expertise. Along with these resources, I also look to my wife who has been in education for three years and studied early childhood education at KU. She is a passionate educator who is currently getting her masters degree in International Counselling.