Eugene Malloy Scenario #1: Elementary (grades K-6) classroom: 23 students

Student has dyslexia: The Student will have Notes from the class lesson prepared in audio format for them. The teacher can use free time for one on one lessons to make sure the student is receiving and comprehending the lesson plan.

Student has dyscalculia: This student will have frequent use of the Tablet to do their work on. The Teacher can find various math apps and games to help the student coupe with learning the lesson.

Students have ADHD: This student will permanently be seated in the front row of the class. The student will also be one of the class helpers to help keep their mind focused. The student will also br engaged in class discussion at random times to see if they are paying attention and not losing focus.

6 ELL’s: 3 at the Intermediate Fluency Stage and 3 at the Advanced Fluency Stage: The teacher will need to discover exactly how much English each student knows so individual lesson plans can be made. Once all information is obtained the Teacher should immerse the student in as much English they can handle.