A traumatic birth injury left "Harry", a Vietnamese fourth-grader, with a host of permanent physical and learning disabilities. He has a speaking disability, limps, and finds it harder than most to focus in class and to learn. 

When he first arrived in our school, other students found him "funny". Now he gets called "weird" and "freak" all the time in the hallways. He tries hard to fit in: his family is wealthy and buys him all the latest gadgets, which then he then permanently "lets" to his friends in school.

Teachers noticed he was acting increasingly goofy in class and during breaks. He was always being teased by other students, but laughing and seemingly happy. When asked what was going on, he would reply that everything was O.K.. Noticing he was always sitting alone in the cafeteria, a teacher went to talk to him. Harry told her what was going on. He said he was feeling very sad and asked for her guidance and advice.